Wi-Fi Slow To Enthuse Consumers

The BBC News reported this week that wi-fi, wireless fidelity, networking is slow to catch on with consumers. Most people do not take advantage of the flexibility that wireless connectivity offers. Why is this? In this podcast, I discuss how I use wireless networking to create flexibility in my work schedule.

This 12-minute audio recording addresses the recent BBC article and a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Together, the publications argue that only a handful of popel use a notebook computer to access the internet while out of the home and only about half of Americans have broadband access.

Recording Duration: 12:40

Download the podcast from the Internet Archive

BBC: Wi-Fi Slow to Enthuse Consumers
Pew Internet & American Life Project: Digital Divisions: There are clear differences among those with broadband connections, dial-up connections, and no connections at all to the internet.


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