When Software Bites, Back

McAfee’s antivirus software caused problems for Microsoft Excel users, on Friday. Just as Excel users, around the world, were attempting to complete their day’s work, the virus signatures, pushed to them by McAfee, caused the McAfee software to incorrectly identify the excel.exe file as being infected by the W95/CTX virus.

The misidentified excel.exe file, along with a number of other misidentified files from Microsoft Corporation and Adobe, were quarantined by the McAfee software, renamed, and moved to a different directory on the user’s hard disk.

The problem was corrected about four hours later, when McAfee pushed update 4716 to the all users.

Dave’s Opinion
Problem such as this are false positives, and they occasionally happen; however, causing a problem to such a popular software product, Microsoft Excel, is inconveniences many users.

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