Trojan Keylogger Masquerades as Make Love Not Spam Screensaver

Lycos Europe has, temporarily, perhaps, discontinued its controversial Make Love Not Spam screensaver; however, crackers have picked up on the antispam application’s popularity and are riding its coattails right onto your computer. Should you invite the crackers in, you’ll be installing a keylogging application that will track everything that you type at your keyboard.

The new malware comes via an e-mail message entitled “Be the first to fight spam with Lycos screen saver.” The attached file is named Lycos screensaver to fight

Dave’s Opinion
OK, I see both sides of the fence on this issue. We all hate spam, and many of us are ready to proactively put spammers out of business. Most users don’t realize how invasive and destructive the Lycos Europe Make Love Not Spam screensaver’s actions are (it creates a distributed denial of service attack against alleged spammers). However, this doesn’t negate the first rule of safe computing: never, under any conditions, open a file attachment that you weren’t expecting. Remember, to practice safe computing.

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