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Optimization of Academic Assignment Preparation: Using Behavioral Economics to Effect Positive Student Outcomes

How assignments are presented to college students may affect the students’ performance. One of the elements under students’ control is the schedule that they follow when preparing and presenting their work for evaluation. Procrastination affects students’ academic performance. Faculty may use findings from behavioral economics, such as loss aversion theory, to encourage positive student behaviors. Students, when seeking to complete their academic work and meet their academic responsibilities, must make choices that require evaluating tradeoffs (e.g., complete the assignment or join friends at a social gathering, submit an assignment response on time even though the submission does not reflect best work or complete the assignment but accept a grade sanction for late submission). Improving students’ ability to make choices that best serve their academic interests, particularly in regard to the organization of their time and effort, may lead to the students to more fully meeting academic requirements.
Keywords: academic, behavioral economics, loss aversion, procrastination

optimization of academic assignment presentation (print)