Sober Worm Poses as Virus Fix

The Sober Worm, posing as a virus repair utility is current affecting computers in Europe and is expected to increase its presence in the U.S. tomorrow.

While the Sober/A variant does present a malicious threat, future variants are expected to appear that will carry a more potent payload. The worm spreads as an e-mail attachment and may include one of a number of subject lines in either English or German. The attached file is a bogus repair utility.

Some of the noted subject lines are “A worm is on your computer,” “You have sent me a virus,” and “New Sobig-Worm variation (please read).” The worm may hide within attachments with filename extensions of .exe, .scr, .bat, or .pif.

Dave’s Opinion
As always, make sure you’ve downloaded and properly installed the most recent update to your antivirus software and don’t open any file attachments that you’re not expecting to receive.

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