SANS Institute Reports 422 New Security Vulnerabilities

The SANS Institute reports that 422 new vulnerabilities were discovered in the second quarter of 2005. This is an 11 percent increase over the previous quarter. The increase in the number of security vulnerabilities stems from malicious crackers changing focus from attacking operating systems to webbrowser and other connected applications, such as digital music applications.

In addition to the online applications, backup software systems received much attention from crackers seeking to access corporate and personal data, possibly for resale. Detailed warnings were published in SANS Top 20 Q2 2005 Critical Vulnerability Update.

Dave’s Opinion
With the proliferation of digital music players, an increasing number of otherwise less-technically savvy consumers are connecting and downloading applications and digital data (music). It’s a good idea to read SAN’s vulnerability update and to seek additional security guidance.

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SANS Top 20 Q2 2005 Critical Vulnerability Update


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