RSS: The Up-and-Coming E-business Tool

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is attracting the attention of Internet advertisers. Google and Yahoo Search Marketing, among others, are looking for ways to post advertisements in RSS feeds that are becoming a popular alternative to Web browsing. Long a favored tool of the tech savvy, RSS is being used by a broad audience of well-educated, and presumably affluent readers.

A reader subscribes to RSS feeds that then content is pushed to the user’s computer. With the release of Mozilla Firefox and the Feedview extension, RSS feeds can be read within the webbrowser’s window; additional software need not be purchased or installed.

Bloggers and web publishers have long recognized the power inherent in distributing content via RSS, because it ensures a ready audience, one who has already requested a subscription to upcoming articles.

Microsoft has announced that RSS services will be integrated into the next release of the Windows operating system, making it a snap for all users of this release of Windows to access feeds from around the globe.

The trick for publishers and media outlets, like Google and Yahoo, is to figure out how to insert advertisements into the RSS content.

Dave’s Comment
Advertising, we’ve got to live with it to have otherwise free content. I’m sure not looking forward to having my dozen or so RSS feeds clogged with interstitial ads. I like the clean, crisp RSS view, just as it is right now.”Within five years,” he said, “everyone with a broadband connection will be using it whether they know it or not.”

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