Quantum Computer to be Ready in Three Years

D-Wave Systems, a Vancouver-based computer engineering firm has announced it’s schedule to build a working quantum computer that will be able to solve physical-simulation problems that currently aren’t solvable using available processing tools. The computer is to be ready within three years. While most designs for quantum computers focus on the properties of quantum entanglement to calculate binary functions, the D-Wave system will use quantum tunneling, which enables particles to hop from one location to another without traversing the intervening space.

D-Wave’s design takes advantage of an low-temperature superconducting analog chip, rather than the sensitive lasers and vacuum tools required by other quantum computer designs.

Dave’s Opinion
For those of you who are long-time ITrain subscribers, you know that I’ve had an interest in the development of quantum computing tools for more than two decades. I’m excited about D-Wave’s design, and I have to admit, I’m heartened by the company’s ability to break ranks and look to an alternative design that may facilitate the early adoption of quantum computing technology.

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