Peter Kump, Breakthrough Rapid Reading: A Reading Text For All Scholars

A number of students have commented on the amount of reading that is required in our graduate business program. I agree, there is quite a bit of reading, sometimes well over 1,000 pages of densely-packed text in a single course.

I suggest that you read Peter Kump’s book, Breakthrough Rapid Reading. I have been recommending this book to students for many years, and I receive more hugs of thank you at commencements for having made this recommendation than I receive for my teaching abilities. ;-(

I initially bought the book for my brother-in-law, Ben, when we were preparing to attend law school together. Ben, an electrical engineer, is a competent digital systems designer and project manager; however, at the time he and I were preparing for school, he claimed to not have read a book since his graduate school days. After I had interviewed the faculty and administrators of a few law schools, I had a good feel for the expectations that Ben and I would face. One of the expectations was that we would read the equivalent of four text books a week (for three and a half years). When I reported this minor detail to Ben, he threw his hands in the air and convinced himself that he never really wanted to study law in the first place.

I suggested that I could help him increase his reading speed and comprehension, just as my parents and teachers had done for me. I found Kump’s book as a starting resource. After a month, Ben had increased his reading speed from 200 to 600 words per minute (wpm). Although comprehension is difficult to measure accurately, Ben judged that he had also significantly increased his reading comprehension. I then read Kump’s book and increased my reading speed from 600 to 3,000 wpm. I was now able to meet one of my lifetime goals: being able to read a book a day.

To completely absorb Kump’s suggestions takes about three months; however, everyone to whom I have recommended the book has noticed some degree of improvement in reading speed and comprehension within a few weeks of following Kump’s advice.

I suggest that you read Peter Kump’s book, Breakthrough Rapid Reading, now. Give yourself the gift of improving your reading skill, so that you can reduce the duration of effort that you must put into your academic work and enjoy your educational journey.

BTW, Ben and I eventually decided that we would postpone attending law school together, not because we feared the reading load, but rather as a commitment to our families. Once our families were older–our daughters out of the house and on their own, we will likely attend law school and spend four evenings a week in class and weekends in the library. By that time, our wives (who are sisters and very close) may be ready to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet or continue their own graduate studies.


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