Must Have App: WinZip 9 SR-1

WinZip, the popular file compression application has been updated. The new version not only includes the most common features of compressing and decompressing files, it now includes a simple interface that can encrypt zipped files using the U.S. Government AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Now, sensitive e-mail and files, such as QuickBooks data, can be transmitted through Internet e-mail without fear of their falling into the wrong hands.

WinZip 9 SR-1 is a free upgrade to all registered users.

Dave’s Opinion
Every year I meet more and more office administrators who send QuickBooks bookkeeping databases to the corporate accountant through Internet e-mail without a second thought to the dozens of e-mail and network servers that will touch the bookkeeping data before it arrives in the intended inbox. With the latest version of WinZip, those files, and many others, can be easily secured using a recognized encryption standard.

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