Mozilla Corporation Releases Firefox 1.5

Mozilla Corporation, not the Mozilla Foundation, has released the Firefox 1.5, the latest incarnation of the wildly-popular open-source webbrowser. Using the new Gecko 1.8 rendering engine, the new version of Firefox is faster at interpreting HTML webpages and more stable when displaying pages that are created with nonstandard code.

The new version allows drag-and-drop reordering of tabs, faster redisplay of pages, improved pop-up blocking, and additional privacy and accessibility features. Firefox 1.5 supports SVG, CSS2, CSS3, and JavaScript 1.6, demonstrating Mozilla’s commitment to web standards, a hallmark of open-source programming.

Dave’s Opinion
I’ve been using Firefox since the day that it was first publicly released, and I’ve made it my primary browser, setting aside Opera, and eschuing Microsoft Internet Explorer, entirely.

My favorite feature of Firefox, other than its blazing speed, is the extensions service. I’ve added extentions that display the weather, waiting Google gmail messages, and Google AdSense earnings in my status bar. Best of all, the Adblock extension blocks display ads on the my favorite websites, so I can quickly read the text without being interrupted by advertisements.

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