Managing Digital Texts

I, too, print our digital readings before class. I use the FinePrint program to print two pages of text per side of paper, and I duplex print. So, I end up with only one quarter as many pieces of paper, which makes a significant difference, in courses with texts that run to about a thousand pages. My Hewlett-Packard LaserJet has a multipage printing option built into the print driver, but I found FinePrint to be a smoother, faster alternative.

I also save the PDF versions of the texts to my notebook’s hard drive, so I have access to the material, even if I have left the printed copy at home, this comes in handy for my onground classes.

I am very glad that we have transitioned from print to digital texts. The flexibility of having all my texts (in their most current versions) on my notebook outweighs the hassles we experienced had with DRM (Digital Rights Management) and the need to self-print the books.

Before we moved to digital texts, it was routine to have students arrive to the first workshop or join the first online academic week without having possession of the current text. I have even been assigned a class with a new text and not received my copy until the first week of class!

BTW, if you dislike our digital texts, please feel free partially blame me. I strongly encouraged our university to move from print to digital texts, a few years ago.


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