Lycos Europe Pulls Make Love Not Spam Antispam Screensaver

Following a major digital brouhaha, Lycos Europe has turned off it’s antispam screensaver, named Make Love Not Spam. The service’s website urges users to stay tuned; however, it’s unclear whether the service will be restarted, after savvy users realized what the service really did.

Yesterday, Netcraft, an Internet traffic monitoring company, reported that the service had forced offline two alleged spammer websites in China, even though the service promised to not deny service to spammers, only to cause them digital headaches. It seems that Lycos Europe’s heavy-handed tactics have backfired. One of the targeted websites,, redirected the spam attack right back at Lycos Europe’s webserver, taking the website offline. Is turn about fair play?

Dave’s Opinion
Two wrongs don’t make a right; it’s one of the fundamental fallacies taught in all undergraduate critical thinking courses. Civilized people should not go about doing harm to those who have harmed without due process and convincing evidence of guilt. And even following proof, reasonable consideration should be given to the punishment.

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