IBM Skips Past Google and Microsoft

In the global search engine war, Google and Microsoft each thought that they were in a head-to-head race for the laurel wreath. But, after getting a late start, IBM may very well pass both competitors by moving the finish line.

Keyword searches are de rigueur on the net; however, IBM is developing its Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) to analyze document text with the goal of understanding content and meaning, seeking relationships, and recognizing facts. Rather than requiring the search engine user to learn the intricacies of search criteria grammar, akin to being a bibliothec, UIMA enables the user to find information, not just data, out of potentially petabytes of online and corporate digital files.

UIMA will be able to search many formats of digital files, including databases, e-mail, audio, and video.

Best of all, IBM will make UIMA available through the open-source software distribution site, SourceForge, by year’s end. The alpha version of the UIMA SDK (Software Development Kit), an all-Java implementation, can now be downloaded for free from IBM AlphaWorks.

Dave’s Opinion
Maybe IBM should name their new search algorithm Apollo, or more fittingly, Eros.

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