Google Turns Five Today

Google, the net’s most popular search index is five years old today. Google is named for googol, 1 followed by 100 zeros — a pretty big number. While Google doesn’t quite have a googol pages under index, it does have a bunch, 3,307,998,701, as of this afternoon. The site handles over 200 million search queries each day.

Started on September 7, 1998 in Menlo Park, California garage, Google has grown from it’s original four employees to more than a thousand, and has affected not only our online lives but our communal lexicon. Google is now a noun and a verb. I can google (lookup) your phone number or do a google (search) on that bit of data. Some people even use the word as an adjective.

Google’s search service has grown to include more than just Web pages. Users can now find products for sale (, search mail-order catalogs (, post and read Usenet forums (, and much more.

Dave’s Opinion
The two bits of advice I give all of my e-business clients and students is 1) create a clean, accessible website and 2) get listed at the top of Google for keywords that people will use when looking for your type of business.

Every month or so website designers do the Google Dance when the system updates it’s indices. Understanding how the Google search algorithm and dance work is vital to making sure your site’s on the Google short list.

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