E-learning Resources: Kojo Nnamdi Interviews Ryan Watkins and Michael Corry, Authors of E-learning Companion

Kojo Nnamdi, a radio host at WAMU interviewed Ryan Watkins and Michael Corry, authors of E-learning Compantion. More than three million students take online courses, annually. Watkins and Corry offer salient advice for both students and faculty who participate in a computer-mediated classroom.

I have been recommending Kojo Nnamdi’s radio interview with Ryan Watkins and Michael Corry to online faculty for three years. My faculty peers found the interview illuminating and helpful in developing their computer-mediated facilitation skills. You, too, may find the interview helpful in developing your skills, whether you are a faculty member or student. I suggest that you will, at least, better understand the value of a computer-mediated, asynchronous learning environment.

The interview is available in RealAudio format at WAMU.org’s Web site, Tech Tuesday: E-Learning.

Watkins and Corry and a supporting Web site at E-learning Companion.


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