Drop Voice, Keep DSL

Verizon Communications will allow current customers in the Northeast U.S. to discontinue voice telephone service while keeping DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband service. Telecommunication providers have been roundly criticized for requiring DSL subscribers to also maintain voice service, thereby limiting consumer choice.

Verizon has no plans to offer DSL-only service to new customers.

Dave’s Opinion
Verizon gives a bit of back talk in the details of the announcement. Current voice/DSL customers may convert to solely DSL service, but only if they don’t select an alternative wireline voice service provider; the customers must switch to cellular or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. It seems that if Verizon must lose a portion of its wireline telephone business, it’s going to make sure that a competitor doesn’t pick it up.

I think that all DSL providers will eventually offer DSL-only alternatives, especially to residential consumers.

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