Digital Photography: Using a New Camera

My wife and I purchased the new Olympus SP-510 UZ digital camera earlier this month, and we learned to use it while on vacation, last week. Although the Olympus digital camera that we have been using since the summer of 2000 still works fine, we wanted more flexibility and a faster-reacting shutter (that darn shutter lag causes us to lose many of our impromptu family snapshots).

You are right to expect technology to continually develop, especially digital technologies; however, at some point we must jump in and solve our problems. I am glad that we switched from film to digital cameras six years ago; I have 4,144 digital images stored on our network server at home. I installed Picassa on each of our five Microsoft Windows workstations, and my family can easily view and print any of the pictures that are stored to the server. When we returned home, Saturday night, I moved the vacation pictures to the server, and my daughters were able to flip–digitally–through them when they woke up, Sunday morning.

I occasionally upload digital photo albums to the Target Photo Center, so my family and friends around the country can share our photos.

I do not mean to try to convince you to buy a digital camera; rather, I am trying to demonstrate how the embracing of a digital technology, even one that is continually developing, has added a significant benefit to my life. Sure, my camera is the hot model, sure, it will only be hot for another couple of weeks. So what? It takes great pictures, it’s easier to use than my film SLR camera, and I can share my pictures with my large group of family and friends on the same day that I took the pictures.

If I had not jumped on this digital merry-go-round, I would still be driving to Target and waiting two hours for my film to be developed and printed. Then I would have to mail the prints to each of my friends and family members.


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