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Managing Digital Texts

I, too, print our digital readings before class. I use the FinePrint program to print two pages of text per side of paper, and I duplex print. So, I end up with only one quarter as many pieces of paper, which makes a significant difference, in courses with texts that run to about a thousand pages. My Hewlett-Packard LaserJet has a multipage printing option built into the print driver, but I found FinePrint to be a smoother, faster alternative.


Proper Writing Sequence

I am teaching a introductory course this month, the first course for matriculating juniors.

This week, we discussed the academic writing process, and I felt as if I were knocked upside my head. All of the students admitted to never using an outline before writing a business report or academic paper. Maybe I need to remind us all of the importance of outlining our thoughts and research before composing the introduction, body and conclusion of our work.