Blogging Is A Mainstream Activity

Microsoft Corp.’s MSN service debuted a free blogging service, this past week. Users can create a new weblog (blog) and be posting to their online journal in less than five minutes. This is proof positive that blogging is a mainstream activity.

Blog is one of the most frequently discussed Internet topics; it’s an elegant demonstration of personal expression and corporate marketing. The MSN Spaces service will be for personal use; however, businesses have found blogs to be a simple and effective way to keep in touch with vendors and niche markets. Updates require no more time than typing the article, and the updates are immediately available to all viewers.

Dave’s Opinion
I use a blog as the permanent repository for ITinfo articles; it’s much less work to manage the archives as a blog than it was to manually create individual webpages for each article. The blogging software makes it a snap. I also maintain a personal blog, SaysDave, in which maintain a cultural critique.

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